How To Start Couponing
Saving More Money For Adventurous Couponing Beginners
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How To Start Couponing Guide - Make It Extreme Couponing, Healthy Couponing, And Smart Couponing!

How To Start Couponing? Well, if you are asking about how to start healthy couponing, and save money on your every day groceries and other necessities, you have come to the right place!

Regardless whether you are looking for best ways to find and use printable grocery coupons, manufacturer coupons, diaper coupons, or you are looking for more general couponing advice, couponing basics, or couponing examples and couponing strategies, this site will help you save money quickly and in a healthy way.

You may just be looking for extreme couponing tips for beginners, or trying couponing to be debt free, or simply asking yourself, does couponing realy work, is extreme couponing real? The extreme couponing resources and extreme couponing secrets presented here will give you the proof positive! Just stick with us!

Welcome to! On our site you will find some timely yet all-encompassing information about the newest craze that has been spawned in the USA, partly due to the recession, and partly thanks to the TLC series Extreme Couponing.

This site will be different from other sites about the same topic. While most other sites just tell you about the coupons you can use, and how to use and stack them for maximum benefit, this site will investigate the "dark side" of couponing. Namely, how it potentially eats up your time that you could be using for other, more pleasant and rewarding activities, how it eats up precious space in your home, and, finally, yet more importantly, how it can even negatively impact your health.

Let's begin!

There are main sections on this site, and they are: section containing advice about healthy couponing, and smart couponing, section about TLC inspired extreme couponing 101, and section about couponing websites and couponing blogs.

Healthy Couponing And Smart Couponing

Although it is indeed impressive how, by stacking manufacturers and store coupons from multiple sources, extreme couponers can get cartloads of groceries for literally pennies on the dollar, this is not the entire story.

When you look into what exactly is going on in the lives of people who are doing extreme couponing, perhaps following the Discover Extreme Couponing TLC Show, you find that, they devote significant amount of time, thought, and even space in their own homes, to the activity, and to honing their extreme couponing techniques.

Usually, when the no-limit coupon-stacking opportunity presents itself, the couponeers will go all out on it. They have been accused of shelf-clearing on many occassions. And what do they do with the groceries as they come home? Since most of these groceries are durable goods and packaged foods, they put them in a special storage room, and save them for future consumption. It is not unusual to see shelves full of toothbrushes, cleaning supplies, and packaged foods. But, is this smart? Is this healthy?

As we will discuss in the Smart Couponing section, there are two ways to go about couponing - couponing to maximize savings (all-out couponing) and couponing to maximize your ROI, or maximize return, or your savings, on investment, your investment of time, resources, and money. These are two completely different strategies and lead to completely different types of couponing activities.

There are outstanding questions out in the forums about whether extreme couponing is healthy for the family that engages in extreme couponing. As we discuss in the section Healty Couponing 101, you have to ask yourself, which foods are actually on sale with the coupons. Are these fresh, healthy foods, or are they foods that have long shelf life, and are packed with unhealthy preservatives?

TLC Extreme Couponing

TLC Extreme Couponing series has been an instant success in the late 2010, and new episodes of the Extreme Couponing Show are planned for 2011 and beyond. When you can go to a grocery store, purchase hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise and pay less than $10, you can definitely get a burst of adrenaline rush. The extreme savings at the cashier is what the Extreme in "Extreme Couponing" stands for. But it also stands for extreme capacity of dedicated couponeers to plan their activities, to plan and time their outings, and to eventually plan storing of their bounty, and its use over time or perhaps its charitable donation.

When you watch the Extreme Couponing series, you will also see that the series not only teaches the insane art of Extreme Couponing and buying stuff at rock bottom prices, but it also teaches the immense love towards their families that extreme couponeers display through their efforts. For many an extreme couponeer, getting groceries for pennies on the dollar is a real necessity to either feed their (often quite large) families, and for other it is a way to contribute financially to the household, or marriage.

As Benjamin Franklin said, a penny saved is a penny earned. Keep in mind, his statement was made during the times of extremely low personal taxes. Today, with up to 50% taxation between the individual income tax, state tax, county tax, and sales tax, a penny saved is equivalent to two pennies earned!

Couponing Sites And Couponing Blogs

To continue with how to start couponing information, in section Couponing Websites we will provide links to some of the top informational websites about couponing, extreme couponing, even how to find the best pizza coupons. Also check the section on Couponing Blogs.

Grocery Coupons Search Engine

With a busy mom in mind we have developed a grocery coupons search engine. This search engine will scour ALL the couponing sites and ALL the couponing blogs for coupons, deals, and discounts. Instead of going to all the largest couponing sites, a busy mom (or dad) can now save time and just head on over to a single place, and find all the coupons for a specific item in one place. Please see page Search For Coupons With Coupon Search Engine for directions, and go directly to Grocery Coupons Search Engine page to start searching.

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