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Saving More Money For Adventurous Couponing Beginners
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Smart Couponing - How Smart Couponers Save Time And Buy Healthy Products

If you decide that you want to do smart couponing, then this is the right place. We will discuss here two important ingredients of doing smart couponing. First, you need to save your time, and organize your couponing for efficiency, and second, you need to make sure the food you are buying with your smart coupons is healthy. This is a general principle, and is not related to any advertising that implies that you are smart if you shop using their coupons. For instance, smart couponing as described here has nothing to do directly with smart saver coupons, smart ones coupons, smart water coupon, smart style coupons, smart coupon saver, smart source options, plum smart coupon and the likes.

How to save your time doing healthy smart couponing

Taking your couponing activities seriously is the only way you can save money long term, with no frustration, and to maximize your savings. This is accomplished using grocery store coupons, manufacturers coupons at exactly the right time.

What do I mean by taking couponing seriously? Well first off, you got to get your couponing activities organized, second, you have to create a schedule, third, you need to dedicate a special place in your home for this activity, and last, you need to get your smart couponing toolbox in place.

You pretty much have to treat your couponing activity as a business (although possibly part time business) to have maximum success with it.

Getting your smart couponing activities organized

There are oodles of opportunities in this country to get savings, discounts, or coupons for a variety of items such as groceries. Food coupons, free grocery coupons, coupon websites, coupon blogs, coupon Facebook pages and Twitter users abound! However, in this internet age, the overload of options brings with it the "analysis paralysis", or inaction due to too many choices. Also, the multitude of choices brings with it a possible overwhelm, due to trying to do too much at one time in order to try to maximize your savings.

Getting smart couponing activities organized means that you select just a few precious places where you will get your coupons online, and a few places where you will get them offline. Then stick to your guns for a while until you get a good feel for it, and are able to maximize your savings on schedule, without much thinking.

Only at that point will it be wise to reach out and compare some new couponing services to look into. Find their advantages and add them to your portfolio of coupon sources, or substitute a previous site for the new one. Never just keep adding new sources without evaluating which of the old sources you can safely drop.

Yes, by never looking at certain sites you may lose a coupon or two, but you will be respectful of your limited time, and you will keep your sanity all the while increasing your smart couponing skills and your coupon savings.

Create a schedule for your couponing

First off, if you are using printed newspaper coupons as part of your strategy, then Sunday paper delivery is a great way to structure your coupon finding and shopping week. More importantly, once you set up all your email deliveries of coupons, as well as your RSS feeds, Twitter streams, and even Smart couponing with Facebook couponing streams, it will be easy for you to become quite overwhelmed.

This is why you need a strict schedule. I suggest you chunk your activities into two-hour chunks. Two hours on Sunday to go through the local coupons, two hours to select the email, twitter, and facebook offers. Then Monday, schedule a two hour visit to the grocery or groceries where you normally shop, to scout in-store offers. Then the next two hours to compare the discounts. And finally, the visit to the stores for the final purchase.

Your schedule may vary depending on your situation, but it is important to have a schedule. You will be better able to track your progress. And you can always change your schedule later if the circumstances warrant it.

Dedicate a special place in your home for item storage

It is just a fact of couponing that, for maximum savings, you will have to buy in quantity. You will have to know how much you need and how much ahead does it make sense to buy. Regardless, you will likely in time need to dedicate a spare bedroom, or another room, to your item storage. Likewise, you will want to set up a small home office (a desk will suffice) for your couponing activities, and to store your coupon folders, as described in the next section.

Get your smart couponing toolbox in place

You will accomplish more if you put proper tools of the trade in place. For couponing what is most needed are a Smart Couponing Purse Size Coupon Organizer Wallet, and a Coupon Saver Binder Bundle with sufficient Smart Couponing Coupon Binder Pages.

With all these preparations completed, you will be able to start your couponing activity effectively. Having read about healthy couponing, you will be ready to take some of the best tactics from TLC Extreme Couponing, and use them for your healthy smart couponing adventure.

This could work great for you if you are a self learner. It will take you some time to master the steps and start saving big bucks. To find out how to shorten your learning curve with smart couponing, and do all the above steps and more in an superbly organized way, check out more information in an inexpensive ebook on this site: Smart Couponing.

Another tool that will help you do smart couponing is the Couponing Search Engine. With it, you will be able to get coupons from 100s of couponing sites with a single search. The Couponing Search Engine can be your way to do smart couponing and efficient couponing.

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